Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bing puts a sting in Google

Ok, that's a bit of an over the top headline. But hey, it's a week before Christmas and we've all been too busy to post for the past couple of months so the pressure is on to come up with a cracker to make up for the silence. Not sure that this delivers to that but it did crack me up when it appeared on a large screen to a group of clients a couple of days ago.

So - by default I use Google as my search engine, and balance it out with a preference for IE. (I know, I'm so common). However in the most recent IE update, Google was removed as a search engine from the IE search box.

I'm not sure why I thought that I should type the URL string for into the IE search box rather than the nav bar, but I did (and millions of other people do every day - as I said, I'm common) and here's what appeared:

In case you can't see this clearly....

Goodness gracious, really Bing? Couldn't you just have indexed the URL rather than the dodgy search? My technical knowledge with indexing doesn't stretch this far so if anyone can explain how this happened I'd love to know.

I'll also be more careful with what I search for in future.

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