Monday, May 17, 2010

Cell Phones, Social Media, Teenagers, OMG!!!

Some pretty crazy statistics which have just come out of the US, via Flowtown, re mobile phone usage among teenagers. Key findings from the research as follows:

* 75% of all teenagers in the US now have a mobile phone
* 35% of all teenagers send over 100 text messages a day (!!!)

While these findings are US based its worth acknowledging these results in the context of mobile phone penetration (all ages):

*106% mobile phone penetration in NZ
*87% mobile phone penetration in US

Its funny how cell phones (as a bona fide form of media) have become a 'life tool'. In the same way that you wouldn't leave the house without your wallet or your keys, you wouldnt leave the house without your cell phone.

Another piece of research which I stumbled across whilst browsing Digital Buzz Blog was around Mobile Phones and their influence on Social Media.

Key findings:

* 25% or more than 100 million Facebook users access from a mobile phone, and those who do, are more than twice as active on social networks compared to people accessing from a computer.
* The 35-54 age bracket is the most active mobile social user.
Alot of resource is going into these studies, with strong evidence suggesting that the use of social media, and particualry Facebook, is really in the realm of an older demographic. This should be a bit of a slap in the face to a lot of big corporates who continue to view Facebook and social media as only for teenagers.

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