Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facebook Page Insights

There are now 2.1 million Kiwis on Facebook, making it an increasingly important platform for brands. Thanks to changes to Facebook’s reporting platform, businesses can more accurately measure how consumers are interacting with their pages. The most significant change has been the inclusion of “People Talking About This” becoming visible to users. The much improved tool is called ‘Page Insights’, which in a nutshell allows Page owners to understand and analyse trends, demographics and consumption of their content.

This is a long overdue tool that will help page owners to optimize their publishing strategy.

I have created my own page and as I begin my quest for Facebook popularity, ‘Page Insights’ becomes an essential tool to be used every day.

There is only going to be one true measure of success; the ‘page likes’ and ‘talking about this’ figures. I shall keep you posted on my progress in achieving higher levels of fans and how I have utilised the tool to my advantage.

Out of all the Pages on Facebook it turns out Facebook is the most popular page with 54 million likes, meaning 93% of the Facebook population still is yet to like the platform they are using.

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