Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bus Stop Zumba

For the past three years Microsofts Kinect gaming devices have been gaining a strong foothold in New Zealand lounges, bringing a new level of interaction to gaming, further empowering teenage boys to blow the heads off poor saps from war torn middle eastern countries and helping the gym shy perfect their Zumba routines. But now these devices are on the move out of the lounge and coming to a bus stop or a mall near you.

While there are plenty of excellent examples of ambient and out of home executions, the integration of Kinect technology is providing a digital element to add a further layer to the all important engagement with messaging, like this example for awareness of Autism in children for Autism Speaks.

‘Cool, whatever – a natural evolution’ I hear you say. Sure, fair enough.

But there are some executions appearing that allow social media to feed into these installations, including this example from Stockholm that attempts to soften the aesthetic impact of a construction site. The result is an extension of the initial out of home experience into your social media world or vice versa, continuing the trend of the lines between digital and traditonal media being blurred.

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