Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Bus Stop, Who's The Prettiest Prive Winner Of All

A few months ago I wrote this post about the blurring of lines between outdoor and digital, with a few examples of outdoor using X Box Kinect technology to create some interesting engagement experiences for users in overseas markets. 

A simple but effective execution has been put into market by Spark to promote the Samsung Galaxy release via Vodafone.  Vested interest disclaimer here – yes, Spark are our traditional media kin folk, Vodafone our client.

Simply stand in front of the bus shelter ad shel, the camera reads your movements and reflects  them in the form of an astronaut in space in the digital screen, highlighting the prize offering that Samsung are offering up as part of the launch promotion, a trip into space.  Includes projecting your face in the astronauts helmet to give you that greater sense of winning.  By the photos and video we’ve seen (thanks AdShel, the media owner partner) hundreds of pedestrians of all ages have been engaging in the piece, dancing and carrying on like a carefree 6yr old (including even a big bank brand Marketing Manager that we spied in the video, and we know how tough it is to make them happy).

In place until mid July outside Britomart train station, so have a tutu with it if you’re in that part of town.  Or catch a train and go there specially.

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