Friday, August 31, 2012

Rad Report - 1st Edition

Last week over a few drinks we got to talking about some of the amazing work that's being done out there in advertising and media land and how we should do a better job of sharing it so that we can all use it for inspiration.

And so the Rad Report was born. Every Friday (deadlines pending) we'll bring you our report on what's rad out there - campaigns, social memes and anything else that captures our attention.

Here's the first instalment - let us know what you think!


The resurgence of the zombie genre has hit pop culture in a big way, with Walking Dead rating big in the States, and Zombie Apocalypse survival kits being easily purchased (yes, honestly, Adria’s got one).

It also makes you realise you need a good vehicle.

When Chevvy launched the new electric car Volt they took the idea of fuel efficiency and reliability to a new level with their new TVC, check it out here:

I give it 4 out of 5 bites for production quality and stepping outside the standard boring efficiency messages.
As a proud owner of a real gas-guzzler it makes me realise that maybe I’m not totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse…


Everyone loves the Muppets, and the new Muppets movie brought our childhood favourites to a new generation. 

This new generation is also at the age where they fall over a lot (no I’m not talking about newly drink-legal 18 year olds), and still believe that Mum can kiss a booboo better. 

Bandaid did one better and used the Muppets to distract kids from their bumps and grazes by using an app and augmented reality to bring the characters out of the sticky plasters and onto interactive screens.
I personally love this, and being quite unco would have loved it to come out over here!

Check it out: (yes the kid’s voice is a little intense)

5 out of 5 chickens for sheer radness.


Thought I’d end on something super simple but really effective.

Three key messages:
1.)   Benjamin Franklin said ‘Beer is proof that god loves us and wants to be happy’.  Deep.

2.)   Crowds can be, well, crowded, and therefore hard to find stuff, and finding stuff is thirsty work.

3.)   Crowds and beer together can impede people’s ability to use technology.

When 3 million people hit the streets of Rio for Carnival it can be pretty tough to find the mobile drinks vendors, so Antarctica Beer created Beer GPS. 

Giant inflatable balloons were attached to the vendors so there was no way to miss where to get a nice cold beverage without the hassle of hunting around for a vendor.

I’ll give this one 5 out of 5 burps for simplicity

Antarctica was unsurprisingly the top selling beer at Carnival.  Considerations for Toilet GPS are in place for future events.

Happy Friday y’all!

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