Friday, September 7, 2012

Rad Report #2

Welcome to Issue 2 of the Rad Report.  Not all the campaigns are brand new, so if you’ve already seen them then feign interest for my ego’s sake.


As the world appeared gripped in Olympic fever I was, of course, still watching MySkyed X-Games from a month or so ago. 

Amongst the awesome skate, BMX and Big Air comps there was also one of the coolest sponsorships/ PR stunts I’ve seen in a while.  I’m sure we all played with Hot Wheels at some point growing up (unsurprisingly I wasn’t really a Barbie kind of girl), and the gravity-defying loop was always the centre of any decent track.

Hot Wheels added their own highly anticipated event at this year’s X-Games by bringing on Rally car driver Tanner Foust and Hollywood stuntman Greg Tracy to set a world record by driving two Hot Wheels all-wheel-drive (isn’t that the same as 4–wheel-drive?) rally cars through the 66-foot tall Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare track at X Games LA. 

Branding heaven.

What 8 year old boy (and me) wouldn’t want a Hot Wheels set after seeing this!

4 out of 5 revs for bringing the brand to life.


Here at Spark we work hard to make campaigns great, sometimes I’m sure you’ve all felt like you’ve put your blood sweat and tears in to make the campaign a success.

Serviceplan, a creative agency in Hamburg, took this phrase a little literally when recruiting new staff through a pretty out-there (and not entirely hygienic) billboard campaign.

Company copywriters donated blood-samples which were pumped around tubing on a billboard to create lettering.  Designers sat in a mobile sauna and their sweat collected to be sprayed onto black fabric and the salt made the type.  Thirdly 3kgs of raw onions were used to make staff cry and the teary tissues were fixed to the billboard.

A QR code on the billboards linked to a micro-site about Serviceplan for interested applicants (their form of ‘TOGETHER’ is a little creepier than ours).

Well this one is, um, ‘creative’. 

1 out of 5 for staff treatment, 5 out of 5 for potential contamination from blood-born pathogens. 

Okay okay, sorry that one was a little wrong.  I’ll end on a positive note.


The Troy library in Michigan was running low on funds and close to closing; the local council proposed to vote in a 0.7% tax increase to keep the library open, but the issue became more about taxes than the library itself and caused great debate.  With voting day near and negativity high about the tax increase the library officials took to social media in a controversial reverse-psychology WOM approach to change the public’s mind.

The campaign was picked up locally, nationally and even internationally and was a great result for minimal budget.

The video is a couple of minutes long but worth a watch
*Spoiler* the library didn’t close.  Told you there was a positive ending.

5 out of 5 hypothetical matchsticks for getting people talking.

Happy Friday everyone!

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