Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mashup ads

The team at PHDiQ have worked hard over the past few weeks to get a campaign live for Vodafone, using Eyeblaster Mashup ads (a NZ first!)

You can see these on NZ Herald, and websites. The ad unit on the NZ Herald appears as a button on every news story page, and when clicked, expands to reveal a full size Nokia mobile, with the same news story formatted into the mobile phone. You can then scroll through the exact same story as you were viewing online in the mobile, shpwing that accessing content on your mobile can provide a great experience.

Similar on Surf and websites, however this time the up to date webcam photos are pulled through along with the surf/snow report for the region selected.

Full credit to the people that made it happen; the team at ColensoBBDO, Eyeblaster, APN Digital and Surf/ And most importantly, the client.

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