Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Campaign Manager Job Opportunity

PHDiQ is the digital media strategy agency of the PHD network in New Zealand. We work with some of New Zealand’s leading advertisers, developing innovative and engaging media opportunities on the internet, mobile and in other emerging media.

We are looking for a Campaign Manager to join one of our planning teams, working with a Digital Strategist, Digital Media Manager, and day to day with a Digital Planner. You will be responsible for the correct buying and implementation of campaigns across all digital media, mobile, social, online and search. Depending on your level of experience you may also be asked to plan some small campaigns.

Ideally you will have 1-2 years experience in buying, implementing and reporting on online campaigns. It is expected that you will have solid experience with adserving platforms including Eyeblaster Media Mind and Google Analytics and also with Pegasus for invoicing.

Please feel free to contact me at christophe.spencer@phdiq.co.nz if you have any queries about the role.

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