Thursday, August 19, 2010

PHDIQ is the MSN Advertising Partner of the Year

There's a few sore heads in the IQ team today after celebrating last night at the Microsoft Partner Awards, where PHDIQ was awarded MSN Advertising Partner of the Year.

This is the first year for the category, which recognises the MSN partner agency that "...shines above all others, demonstrating best in class online advertising practice, successful innovation and overall business success"

Specifically, PHDIQ was recognised for exemplary performance in the following areas:
  • Great work that was judged to deliver powerful cut-through and brand building qualities
  • Campaign results that outperformed expectations
  • Best practice campaign integration with MSN's network
  • Consistently thorough briefing, including campaign objectives and expectations
  • Business growth, including client acquisition and agency revenues
  • Provision of MSN case study opportunities

It's an honour to be recognised for the excellent work we do, thanks to Liz, Dan and Nic from MSN.

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