Saturday, August 21, 2010

NZ Media First on Youtube

This week, BNZ became the first NZ advertiser to make use of Youtube’s quick launch programme.

The quick launch programme gives brands the opportunity to get a video masthead execution (example above) live within 5 working days – considerably shorter than Youtube’s standard 9 day turn-around time.

The quicklaunch programme also allows brands to incorporate some really nice interactive features within their advertising.

As above, BNZ were able to include a video carousel within their ad that hosted each of their 30” Whalewatch TVC’s (something that had never been done in NZ previously).

Given that we wanted to make it as easy possible for Youtube viewers to watch and scroll between the three Whalewatch executions, we’re pretty happy with the end result.

A big thank you to Sugar, Youtube and naturally the team down at BNZ for helping make this happen….

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