Thursday, April 19, 2012


I had my haircut on recently at my local surburban salon. The lovely stylist and I had the usual conversation: what cut would I like? How might it look? Did I have any examples?

This is where it got interesting, she pulled out her ipad, navigated to the salon's pinboard and scrolled through a selection of styles similar to those we had talked about. The extensions too are endless: personalised boards for each client, tracking styles over time? A board of the essential tools and products for each style? How-to boards showing how to execute a particular style?

Simple, effective and so easy.

Like other social media darlings Pinterest has shown phenomenal growth - 656% growth in NZ visitors from May 11 - Feb 12 according to Comscore. So of course brands need time to establish what role it may play some are further along - check out this great example by
Kotex. In the meantime we should at least be providing our consumers with good quality images to pin.

If my local salon can do it - our brands can too.

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