Friday, May 4, 2012

Wake Up - Its 2012

The team at Blackberry Australia have learned a very valuable lesson this week. Their Wake Up Australia  teaser campaign generated such a high level of interest and intrigue that they had to out themselves over a week before their big reveal – which is still set for 7 May (countdown clock still ticking down).
It seems they planned three week teaser campaign. Three weeks! That’s, like, a lifetime in the digital world. According to my five minutes on Google - in three weeks:
-          14.7 million people join Facebook
-          1.8 million hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
-          2 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube
-          3.7 billion tweets are tweeted
-          151 million photos are uploaded to Flickr
-          1.7 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook
In the age of social networking news travels fast. Very fast. And we would all do well to remember this when planning campaigns and activations even if they aren’t strictly digital.

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