Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spotify in NZ

Spotify is an online music listening service that may change the way we consume our music in NZ. The application is simple and easy to use which can be installed on a computer or device with internet access.

What separates out Spotify from products that offer similar services is that it has secured its contract with record companies, making it legal. It has also included a social aspect where it can connect your Facebook/Twitter account to the application. Now you can see which One Direction song that old mate Bobby Bob is listening too or even send Bob a song to listen to.

First launched in Europe in 2006 it has amassed over 10 million users and is soon to hit the Australasian market. For New Zealanders the uptake shouldn’t be an issue, it would be the mobile data plans that would hinder maximum potential.Spotify bridges that gap of pirating music and paying for music closer together, record companies would be insane not to sign up as it’s a another revenue stream.  From a consumers perspective all is not for free as there is opportunity to advertise on this platform and consumers will see the brunt of this. However you can pay per month to get Spotify’s premium product which will allow you to access it on a mobile device and see no advertising.

Spotify launched on the 22nd of May here in NZ and discovered some handy features:
  • Apps
  • Friends list
  • Playlists
  • Radio (to connect artists with similar artists)
  • Importing your local content from hard drive onto Spotify

I’ve had a bit of fool around on this and it has somehow become part of my life, goodbye iTunes and illegal file sharing. As everyone has different personalities in our office I thought it would be good to see what music inspires us in our day to day work. I have compiled a playlist of PHDiQ’s pickup tracks - which you can subscribe to “PHDiQ Work Out Songs” to experience our full emotions.
  • Anna Woods: “Back on the chain gang” – Pretenders
  • Polly Williams: “Dutchies” - Shapeshifter
  • Christophe Spencer: “Greatest American Hero theme”
  • Graeme Douglas: “I believe I can fly” – R Kelly
  • Brendan Hewitt: “Lightning Crashes” – Live
  • Mike Harland: “Call me maybe” – Carly Rae Jespen
  • Gareth Treacher: “Saved by the bell theme song”
  • Jane Crabbe: “Welcome to the jungle” – Guns & Roses
  • Ivan Atkins: “Unchained Melody” – The Righteous Brothers
  • Shay Young: ”What makes you beautiful” – One Direction
  • Stephanie Sokolich: “Love Story” – Taylor Swift
  • Phillip Sue: “Juicy” – Biggie Smalls
  • Nikki Rogers: “9 to 5” – Dolly Parton
  • Craig Whitaker “Getting No Where” – Magnetic Man
  • Isreal Hartley: “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor
  • Keila Bituin:”Raining Blood” – Slayer
  • Nick Sadler: ”Lovefool” – The Cardigans

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