Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gorgeous Girls, Gunslingers & Kung- Fu Masters: Heineken makes big NZ ‘Entrance’ online

By now you would have seen him on your screen. Perhaps you watched enviously as he dazzled those around him with an array of quirky talents that earn the admiration of both men and women as he ‘does the room’ in style….

I’m talking, of course, about the colourful protagonist of Heineken’s new The Entrance campaign.

The immaculately produced series of character vignettes that make up The Entrance are the key components of Heineken’s global brand piece for 2011/2012 and we here at PHDiQ were only too happy to help bring the campaign to life in the New Zealand digital space.

The NZ adaption of The Entrance sees five character mini-stories eventuate from their encounters with our lead man in the principal 30” and 60” pieces. While the digital activity utilises the fundamentals of video banners, bespoke interactive video units, homepage takeovers and a variety of On Demand spots, here the advantage of a large and impactful online campaign launch is an ability to provide thematic sense for our viewers with the use of sequencing in adserving - a simple yet very effective tool.

By ensuring a serving of the principal 30” or 60” piece and introducing the main character foremost, we are able to set the campaign platform and provide key linkages to the remaining content. Following this with a fresh character story on each Entrance impression (up to six, then repeated) our audience are more inclined to remain engaged with the campaign and enjoy a narrative cohesion difficult to achieve across other mediums.

To date, full video plays across the campaign’s multiple formats are totaling over 200,000 and engagement rates among banner units are far exceeding our pre-launch expectations. It goes to show how beautifully produced creative and a simple approach to banner/video sequencing can work together to provide consistent entertainment and engagement for an audience and a great campaign entry for Heineken.

If you have not already, meet the man and view the story.

More on The Entrance launch in NZ.

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